This is QCS

Our customers demand a broad spectrum of specifications

From standard quartz glass designs to complex quartz glass apparatus constructions, we will find the best solution always taking into consideration the customer questions and requirements that may arise in the future.

The QCS company – who we are

The Quarzglas Komponenten und Service QCS company has been active in the quartz glass apparatus construction business on the national and international market for more than 25 years.
After acquiring the laboratory technology product line of the Heraeus Quarzglas company 25 years ago, we founded the QCS company. Therefore, we are able to offer more than 55 years of experience and expertise in the quartz glass business for the benefit of our customers.

Our activity is focused on customer-specific manufacturing of quartz glass equipment, that is apparatus, parts and components made of quartz glass.

We manufacture single parts and serial products, if necessary, fully equipped quartz glass devices with electrical control systems.

Our vision

The Quarzglas Komponenten und Service QCS company is pleased to gain recognition as one of the most innovative international brand names that stand out due to a highly reliable and high-quality product portfolio in the field of quartz glass apparatus construction. We aim at being the first choice for our customers and end users.

Our mission

We focus on offering high-quality quartz glass equipment at competitive prices. In order to achieve this objective, we set a high value on continuous development based on innovation and technology. QCS always strives to establish long-term business relations with our customers as well as to develop and provide optimal process solutions.

Our values and assets

Our basic values comprise innovation, reliability and quality. We believe in providing high-quality products that have passed different certified quality inspections. We strive to continuously develop and adjust customized process solutions.

Our focus

Our qualified employees operate high-precision machines thus manufacturing customized and individually designed quartz glass equipment for the respective requirements. As manufacturer and development partner in the field of quartz glass apparatus design and construction we offer a comprehensive and extensive product portfolio.

Our product portfolio comprises the quartz glass apparatus design and construction of highly complex process solutions as well as the production of parts and components made of quartz glass and fused silica.

Our product portfolio is completed by long-term experience and know-how in the field of laboratory apparatus engineering. On request, we develop and manufacture quartz glass devices equipped with electrical control systems.

We provide for the complete solution in the quartz glass apparatus construction segment

Whether you like to reconstruct some equipment or to enhance it, whether you like to optimize production processes or to automize your production, our expertise in the quartz glass apparatus business results in optimal solutions.

From production accuracy to customer service – precision is our standard, the extraordinary is our norm

High production quality, many years of experience, professional expertise and reliability recommend our company as an ideal partner for customers in the industrial, research and scientific business.

On individual and customer-specific requests we develop a technological and economic solution that is perfect for your application.

We are confident to find future-proof solutions for your application. Please be assured that the continuously high quality of our processes and products is guaranteed by our ISO standard 9001:2015 certification.

Quarzglas Komponenten und Service QCS GmbH develops and manufactures individual process solutions made of quartz glass customized to your requirements

One of our strategic corporate objectives is our outstanding quality policy

55+ years of experience

ISO 9001 certified

Delivery on time

high quality guaranteed

Manufacture according to standard or DIN

Better value for money