Contract production of special parts and standard products

Due to our diverse possibilities in treatment and contouring, we are well-equipped to handle almost any task in the field of quartz glass. 


We are open to handle and process any order from all kind of industry

From µm to meter · we do not hesitate to find a solution

We do not limit our competence to some single geometries. In fact, our customers profit at full length because it is always possible to optimize, to improve and to handle applications more efficiently and better targeted.

Solution-oriented processing

Following the receipt of your technical drawing, we analyze the part and appraise the glassblowing feasibility as well as our possible offer.


Selecting an appropriate material quality with regard to the intended applications is always subject to customer consultation, this also applies for parameters, contouring, forming and shaping as well as surface quality.


If required, we complement the quartz glass equipment or apparatus with modules equipped with an electrical control system, thus adjusting the apparatus individually to process conditions.

Our offer – your consulting

Prior to our offer, all technical eventualities are harmonized in accordance with the customer’s needs. Our technically capable and highly educated employees are ready to give advice and recommend a production-ready design.

This is an important factor in our field of business as in the field of quartz glass apparatus construction material properties and an optimally functional design have a significant impact on functionality and costs.

Therefore, processes are very complex and consulting-intensive


Our promise to ourselves

The aspiration we set for ourselves as a manufacturer is to be integrated deeply into the needs and requirements of our customers, their thinking and working in projects and processes in order to be able to promote proactively and corporately the best way forward.

It goes without saying that it is always the customer who decides about the degree of transparency while we guarantee that each development is adapted individually to the customer and his requirements.

Quarzglas Komponenten und Service QCS GmbH based in Maintal, Germany

By means of our consulting services and our technology we reduce the complexity of manufacturing processes to a customer-friendly level.

QCS employees have a considerable amount of expertise and many years of experience thus being able to realize a project successfully and reliably at any time.

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