Development and construction

The day-to-day routine in many industrial segments demands the highest degree of flexibility and readiness to act

Multiple factors such as temporary productions peaks, changes in the design team and capacity shortages may have an impact on project schedules.

We are ready to join your project at any time which allows your company to react flexibly to any situation. Whether your work still is at draft stage or already in in construction or even in detail construction, as manufacturer of customer-specific quartz glass equipment we always focus on our customers’ demands and projects.

Prototype development

We manufacture development-related prototypes in widely different processes and material qualities.

Consequently, close-to-production components enable you assess the technical performance as well as potential for optimization at an early stage of development.

Reproducible quality by means of an enormous range of innovative and intelligent production technology

We provide assistance from the initial idea and concept continuing with the development all the way through to the realization of your finished serial product. Due to many years of experience and professional expertise in the field of quartz glass apparatus construction and design, we are able to meet the highly special requirements for a wide range of industrial sectors as wells as in the fields of science and research.

Our Know-How for your solutions

Our continually growing know-how forms the basis of new patterns of thought in technology and innovation

We ensure to find an innovative solution for your quartz glass application with regard to parts and components made of quartz glass.

When designing a solution for individual applications in the field of quartz glass applications, we always strive for the optimal solution both technologically and economically.

You may rest assured by our ISO 9001:2015 certificate that continuing quality of processes and products is guaranteed.

Solution-oriented approach

  • Outlining the product 2D / 3D
  • Set-up concepts of quartz glass apparatus and equipment if required, equipped with electrical control system
  • Dimensioning and designing of parts and components
  • Manufacturing of concepts
  • Parts lists