Repair & Maintenance

Even with continuingly foresighted servicing it is not always possible to avoid repairs or the maintenance of quartz glass defects.


As full production processes can be held up by the failure of one single part, necessary repairing should be planed efficiently in order to keep a down time as short as possible.

Repairs save time and cut costs

Frequently, repairing a part is less expensive than buying new high-quality and complex quartz glass equipment, parts and components.

The QCS company offers multiple solutions to solve a problem quickly and competently on favorable terms, thus saving down time and waiting for expensive spare parts.

Repair and maintenance as a sign of good economics

Repairing supports economic reasoning. We contribute to a considerable improvement of the quality of the parts that are to be handled and make sure that the abrasive wear is minimized by using high-quality materials and careful processing, thus effecting in profitable regeneration processes.

In case of urgent repairs of quartz glass parts, virtually all industries require quick, reliable and professional performance. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to prepare our individual cost estimate regarding repairs and maintenance work.

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