Economic, precise, of highest quality

Surface processing for optical components made of quartz glass is divided mainly on the basis of surface roughness, flatness and parallelism. Achievable tolerances are ≤ 1 μm.

These parameters are customer-specific and to be defined respectively for each application. A crucial factor are the process requirements that form the basis for the surface of the quartz glass parts and their respective criteria.

We do not shine on the surface only

By highest quality requirements, certified processing and process steps, professional expertise and reliability we achieve precise surfaces of our quartz glass parts.


Surface quality:

At present according to DIN ISO standard 10110 (P3). However, varying customer-specific surface qualities are possible, see example (P4).


Surface defects:

We manufacture according to DIN ISO standard 10110 or, if necessary, according to S/D (Scratch/Dig) and MIL-O-13830-A.


Inspection/sight glass qualities:

S/D 80/50


Standard optics:

S/D 60/40


Grinding and polishing:

Plates, disks, wedges, rods, prisms, filters and a lot more


  • maximum diagonal L 500 mm
  • Plane-parallelism up to bis 1″
  • Surface accuracy up to bis λ/10
  • Thickness tolerance up to 1 ~µm
  • Milling maximum 1100 mm long x 500 mm wide
  • Surface quality upon consultation


  • All kind of precision-optic production possibilities such as grinding, polishing, lapping.
  • Lenses such as flat, convex, concave, cylindrical ones and a lot more
    Ø 2mm up to Ø 500mm