Quartz glass apparatus construction

Unique solutions for specific requirements

To secure stable and efficient production processes, well-functioning laboratory equipment, quartz glass apparatus as well as reliable parts and components are needed.

In case standard solutions cannot meet these demands adequately, we will support you by providing custom-made, appropriate quartz glass components.

Broadly-based, cross-sectoral experience

As we offer solutions to companies in various industries, we have multidisciplinary expert knowledge and experience that we use to provide future-oriented innovations. Therefore, our customers do not get a ready-made apparatus but individual, custom-made solutions.

High-quality and individual production based on long-standing experience and know-how

For many years, the QCS company has gained experience in selecting materials and processes as well as in designing and contouring of customer-specific and complex quartz glass equipment appropriate for individual applications.

We offer individual and customized solutions

Our expertise covers amongst others:

Development, designing and manufacturing of quartz glass equipment and components made of quartz glass:

  • Individually customized to your requirements and processing
  • If necessary, equipped with an individual electrical control system

Heating elements protected by quartz glass by means of:

  • Quartz glass coils with heating elements
  • Immersion heaters
  • IR emitters
  • Surface evaporators

Wound parts:

  • Spiral geometries up to Ø 200 that can be used as cooling or heating coil
  • Coils with connecting element for liquid or gas supply line
  • Coil springs made of quartz glass
  • Pipe bends, welding arcs and angled arcs with freely definable bent radii

Sol-gel technology:

  • Quartz glass parts with extraordinary geometry made of transparent, opaque and black quartz glass

Special optics

  • Individual production according to customer-specific parameters

Components made of fused silica (opaque quartz glass):

  • Individual production according to customer-specific parameters

UV water purification units and components:

  • • Individual production according to customer-specific parameters