Basic materials & semi-finished products

Processing raw material into first-class quality

When choosing the basic material, we must take various criteria into consideration.
Corresponding to the process requirements, we have a variety of basic materials to choose from, both in tolerance and material quality.
Please feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to help you to choose the appropriate basic material or semi-finished product for your process.

Basic material is substantial for all quartz glass sparts and components

The classification in this section outlines the variety of basic materials we can choose from. The appropriate material quality should be chosen in accordance with the process requirements.

Disposability of raw materials and semi-finished products

Thanks to our good connections worldwide as well as our storage capacity we are able to offer a broad portfolio of materials..

Basic materials are available in different kinds of material quality for industry, lamps and semiconductor applications
Tubes Ø 2 – > 800 mm
Capillaries Ø 1 – 5 mm
Pipe bends, bent radii variable on request
Rods Ø 1,5 – 90 mm
Wafers on request
Inspection glasses on request
Plates on request
Windows on request
Blocks on request
Frits, porosity P00- P4 (special sizes on request) Ø 10 – 120 mm
P0 – P4
Quartz glass wool (loose or mat Form) von 5 – 30 µm
Fused silica, opaque material, Fused or manufactured with sol-gel technology  on request
Cylinders and bars on request
Semi-finished products
Vacuum small flanges all types in accordance with DIN standard

Connecting elements spherical ground joint: dishes and spheres

all types in accordance with DIN standard

Connecting elements standard ground joint: cone and socket

all types in accordance with DIN standard
Connecting elements groove flange all types in accordance with DIN standard
Connecting elements flat flange all types in accordance with DIN standard
Standard threads all types in accordance with DIN standard
Stopcocks, plugs, single way stopcocks all types in accordance with DIN standard

Variety of quartz glass

Choosing an appropriate quartz glass material or an applicable graduation of material quality is significant for successful processing.

Apart from form and function, the adequate basic material and the appropriate graduation of material quality are a crucial factor for a successful application.

Outstanding material characteristics of quartz glass

A raw material that meets the highly specified demands for industrial and research purposes

Transparent quartz glass as well as fused silica provide a range of properties that no other raw material combines in such a perfect way:

  • Extremely low thermal expansion
  • Excellent elasticity and thermal shock resistance
  • High transformation temperature and high softening temperature
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Low dielectric loss
  • Good level of optical permeability in the ultraviolet and infrared spectral range
  • Purity
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Effective as diffusion barrier against most substances

Technical material specifications of quartz glass

You can download a detailed technical summary as information leaflet including all material specifications of quartz glass