Construction of devices and apparatus

Know-how and extensive experience

25 years ago, we acquired the laboratory technology product line of the Heraeus Quarzglas company and founded the QCS company.
Therefore, we are able to offer more than 55 years of experience and know-how in the quartz glass business for the benefit of our customers.

Combined energy develops creative concepts, new ideas and innovative process solutions

We develop, design, and produce quartz glass equipment and components in combination with electrical modules.

A wide range of design and application possibilities for our diversified quartz glass equipment offer individual process solutions for many industrial segments.

Hot for your success

We individually customize the contour as well as the electrical control system of our quartz glass equipment as required in your application.

Due to our broad spectrum of know-how and professional expertise regarding designing and manufacturing individual quartz glass equipment, we are able to offer an appropriate process solution for any of projects.

Overall package, competent, on a goal and solution-oriented basis

We look forward to supporting you with developing, planning and manufacturing customized process solutions in the field of quartz glass equipment and apparatus.

Our focus is on the collaboration with our customer thus reducing complex processes and creating user-friendly equipment and applications.

Devices made of quartz glass and quartz material


  • Laboratory equipment
  • Quartz glass protected heating elements
  • Surface evaporators
  • Immersion heaters
  • IR radiation sources
  • Acidest (distillation apparatus for acids)
  • Destamat, distillation apparatus