Laboratory equipment – Standard products

Laboratory equipment – Standard products made of quartz glass

25 years ago, we acquired the laboratory technology product line of the Heraeus Quarzglas company and founded the QCS company. Therefore, we are able to offer more than 55 years of experience and know-how in the quartz glass business for the benefit of our customers.

Customized solutions for individual requirements

The Quarzglas Komponenten und Service QCS company stands for innovative process solutions for quartz glass material. We do not rest until we have found the perfect solution to your requirements. These are the pillars that form the basis of our corporate philosophy, a philosophy that we strive to prove each and every day by offering highly complex quartz glass equipment of the highest quality and profitability as well as an outstanding service and support.

Process solutions well-established for standard products

Our product portfolio includes so-called standard products made of quartz glass that have already proven their value for established process solutions.
Our standard products comprise quartz glass parts, components and if required, a fully equipped quartz glass apparatus.

Produkt-Kategorie: Standardprodukte

  • Acidest (distillation apparatus for acids)
  • Ampoules
  • Beakers
  • Boats with eye
  • Burners
  • Chromatographic columns
  • Columns
  • Combustion boats
  • Combustion reactors
  • Connecting elements
  • Cooling units
  • Corking crucibles
  • Crucibles and lids
  • Crystallization dishes
  • Cuvettes
  • Cylinders
  • Dewar vessels
  • Dimroth condenser
  • Dishes with nozzle
  • Distillation columns
  • Distilling links
  • Distilling vessels
  • Double jacketed reactors
  • Dual-spiral cooling units
  • Erlenmeyer flasks
  • Evaporating dishes
  • Flasks with round or flat bottom, narrow or wide-neck flasks
  • Flat bottom flasks
  • Flow-through cells
  • Frits
  • Funnels
  • Furnace tubes with flange
  • Fused silica crucibles
  • Fused silica dishes
  • Gas washing bottles
  • Glass apparatus and instruments made of quartz glass
  • Glass columns made of quartz glass
  • Glass reactors made of quartz glass
  • Glass slides
  • Graduated cylinders
  • Graduated flasks
  • Graduated pipettes
  • Heaters for acids
  • ICP burners
  • Immersion heaters
  • Industrial reactors
  • Injectors
  • Inspection/sight glasses
  • Intensive cooling units
  • IR radiation sources
  • Kejdahl flasks
  • Laboratory equipment made of quartz glass
  • Laboratory glass
  • Laboratory reactors
  • Liebig cooling units
  • Measuring cells
  • Melting crucibles
  • Mortars
  • Multi-neck flasks
  • Opaque fused silica dishes and crucibles
  • Opaque quartz glass parts and components
  • Optical parts and components
  • Optical quartz glass
  • Pestles
  • Petri dishes
  • Plane ground covers with ground joint flange for reaction vessels
  • Plates made of quartz glass
  • Plugs
  • Prototype construction
  • Quartz cuvettes
  • Quartz glass apparatus
  • Quartz glass apparatus equipped with electrical control system
  • Quartz glass boats
  • Quartz glass flasks
  • Quartz glass parts and component groups
  • Quartz glass protected heating elements
  • Quartz glass tubes with connecting elements for liquid or gas supply line
  • Quartz glass windows
  • Quartz wool
  • Reaction vessels
  • Reactors made of quartz glass
  • Reducers with cone and socket
  • Reflux condenser
  • Rods made of quartz glass
  • Round bottom flasks
  • Sample vessels
  • Screw threads
  • Sensors
  • Sight glass dishes
  • Small reactors
  • Spiral condensers
  • Stopcocks
  • Suction flasks
  • Surface evaporators made of fused silica
  • Taps
  • Test tubes
  • Three-necked flasks
  • Two-necked flasks
  • U-tubes
  • UV components
  • UV reactors
  • UV water purification components
  • UV/Vis measurement cells
  • Vacuum attachments
  • Vacuum small flange
  • Vaporizers
  • Wafers
  • Y-tubes